The worst experience in a transgender dating site I have


I am trying my best to control my emotion, Because the next story I'm going to write really makes me very angry. ‘Calm down calm down’ I said to myself. In fact, we know that there is not distinction between good or bad transgender dating websites, but the people who use them that turn them into good websites or bad websites. Your experience on transgender dating sites is good or bad, but here I want to share with you my worst experience in a ts dating site.

I am not going to point to the website’s name, and it is the most popular website at present. You can post an advertisement without personal profile. My worst experience on ts date sites was when I was a 16-year-old College student. I know it's obviously illegal for this age. But I need the love from others. If you are also a minors, you must have a lesson from my failure.

The worst experience in a transgender dating site.

Let’s go back to 2010… In my sophomore year, I fell in love with a man whom a friend introduced to me. I had a very painful experience, actually the person is the one who let me lost my virginity. I was so upset with him leaving Los Angeles. The only way that I can forget him is to fall in love with another man. As a matter of fact, this is a very effective method.

Now when I recalling this terrible experience, I don’t even know what his name is at all, because he didn't write his real name on that transgender dating website, only a username similar to Danny. At that time, he was about 30 years old, and I was 16. He was from England, and there are some obvious freckles on his face.

He was a little tall with healthy skin and his face resembles someone from the Indian Diaspora. I met him in a hotel in Los Angeles and we had a rich dinner together, because I was so hungry when we met each other. This dinner impressed me deeply, because I ordered all my favorite dishes. After having dined and wined to satiety, we went straight to his room which he had checked in.

That night was really hard to describe, I was like a slut. Anyway, everything happened with its natural tendency.

I slept in his bed all night, and I didn't think about anything, because it would divert my attention. After I woke up, Danny said that he would be late for the meeting and would contact me later. I trust her very much. That day I was waiting for him to contact me, but finally I realized that he was a big cheater. Since then, he has never contacted me again, which makes me feel like a prostitute. Until to now, I'm still cursing that damn transgender dating website.

A few years later, by a chance, I saw him again. From one of my transgender friend’s Facebook. I asked her how to know him and she told me he is one of her whoring. He was a damn gambler who took my virginity and thought I was a prostitute.

If you want to meet men from transgender dating app, you can download transdr which each member has a true profile and the information is screened manually. Finally, I want to say, don't date when you are sad, and don't have sex on your first date, otherwise it's you who's heartbroken. What I said is the truth.

I wish you good luck!