Politeness principles for trans women

Trans women are faced with many challenges. How to behave act as real women is one of these challenges. The main reason is that they were born as males, and there were live as males for many years. If you are a transgender woman, and want to be a real woman, you need to pay attention to your manners and behaviors. If you are a trans woman, you should know that your manner and behaviors are the same as your appearance. You need to not only dress as real women, but also need to act and behave as real women. In order to act like real women in ts dating, you need to know women's politeness principles firstly. Here are some politeness principles for trans women.

Greeting tips
Greeting is your first impression. If you want to interact with other people, you need to greet firstly. Your behavior and manners of greeting are very important if you want to make a great impression on other people. However, many trans women don't very clear about the greeting manners of women. Due to different culture and backgrounds, way of greeting are different from one to another. In Asia, the most of people like to greeting by shaking hands, but in the Europe, people often hug and kiss to show their friendliness. If you don't know how to greet someone, you can ask them where are they from, or let them take the first step. You should know that, no matter where are they from, smiles and eye contacts are the common ways of greeting.
Don't speak loudly
How to be a real woman while talking with other people. As a trans woman, you also need to focus on your volume while when chat with other people. Men and many women like to speak loudly, you may have a bad impression on other people if you speak loudly especially on public places. What's more, don't laugh loudly. The same as speaking, you need you pay attention to your volume while laughing. A gentle women will never speak and lough with loud voice. Smile is better than laughing when laughing when you first meet someone. A genuine smile is the key to make a great impression in trans dating.
Polite words
Polite words such as "please", "thanks" should be used when you first date someone. Many people have misunderstandings on trans people, so, as a trans woman, you need to be polite and gentle to change other people's opinions on transgender people. When you are a trans woman, and want to date a guy, you should be polite in your trans dating. You need to improve your etiquette not only by using polite words but also by your actions. As transgender women can't accepted by everyone, you need to make sure that your date partner is comfortable when date with you. More importantly, you should try your best to make a great impression on them, this is an important step if you want to have a long-term re