Ten tips before dating a transgender woman

Dating with transgender women can be challenging, someone may even don’t know how to deal with transgender women. Transsexual, transvestite and transgender aren’t unheard of for us, they need to be recognized as normal people. In order to help transgender people to have a successful date, here are ten tips before dating a transgender woman.

1. Never ask too much
Christine Jorgenson was a veteran of World War II, but his most famous title is that she is the first trans woman. As transgender women, we don’t like to talk about our gender, genital reconstruction surgery and some personal topics, it’s so boring. Especially on the first date, it’s impolite to discuss a woman’s vag. Talk about the right topic at the right time.

2. Google everything you want to know
Don’t regard your date as a dictionary, google everything you want to know before dating. If you keep asking something about trans during the date, that is an indicator of dating failure. No one wants to have a heavy discussion on a date. As there are many tools for knowledge, you can search any questions here.

3. Don’t watch sex online
The employment situation for trans women is grim now. 57% of trans women are being decriminalized in their job. Research shows that trans women are most likely to choose sex trade. Sex movie and site are very popular among straight men, but you should remember adult sex movie is unrealistic.

4. No betrayal and no insult
It’s rude to say “I cannot believe you were a man, you look like a woman now.” Like the author of Redefining Realness, Janet Mock said:” I am a woman. I live my life as a woman and that’s how I should be perceived. I’m not passing as anything — I’m being. Being myself.”

5. Not only date straight men
Transgender women who were attracted to women before transitioning are still attracted to women. In fact, 40% to 60% of transgender women are bisexual or lesbian, so you can chose to date with whoever you want.

6. Gender and sexuality are different from each other
Dating with transgender women doesn’t mean you are a gay or bisexual, gender and sexuality are different from each other, and many people don’t know the difference between them. Transgender women are women also, if you are attractive to transgender women, you are also attractive to women.

7. Transgender women are normal
They are not a secret society, they are normal as everyone. Transgender women are often misunderstood by other people, and dating with transgender woman even seems unacceptable. Transgender women are normal women and they need a safe and peaceful space to have a normal life.

8. Respect transgender women
Don’t ask inappropriate questions like Do you have a vagina? Do you use tampons? When did you begin to feel your breasts budding? Trans women are often asked these types of questions. You should respect to transgender women and treat them as normal women.

9. No violence and abuse
Transgender women run the high risks of domestic violence. I’ve been a witness of so many violence and abuse. Although they are vulnerable groups, and they are women of great dignity. You are not the only choice of them.

10. Just want to have fun
Like many girls, transgender woman just want to meet someone interesting and have a happy life.

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