Some transgender people you should know

1. Erika Ervin
Super model Erika Ervin wasn’t always known as Erika. She was originally called William before she transitioned back in 2004. With an astonishing height of 6’8″, she is the tallest female model in the world. When Erika was thinking about telling the public about her transition, actor Bill Skaragard told her that she should start by talking about it in Sweden. The Swedish people are super accepting transgender people, and they would help her feel comfortable about telling her story. Erika is also an actress, and she played the role of amazon eve on “American Horror Story: Freak Show.” Since they were looking for a man to play a woman, she decided to audition for the part dressed as a man. It was only after she was giving the part that she told them that she is a transgender. On set, Erika was co-stars with the smallest woman in the world, who stands at only 2’1″. It’s funny to see these two opposites together, but it’s even more inspiring that they get to show the world that they’re different and proud. Erika’s height used to make her feel like a monster. But she’s learned to accept herself for who she is. Sadly, her family was not accepting of her when she transitioned, and she lost contact with them all during that tough period. But Erika doesn’t let that get in the way of her happiness.
2. Caitlyn Jenner
Bruce Jenner’s transition to Caitlyn Jenner was probably one of the most high-profile transitions ever documented. When Caitlyn was a young boy, she was fascinated by the clothes that belonged to her older sister and mom. She was very confused about what she was feeling inside and didn’t know how to deal with it. So she threw herself into athletics and even won an Olympic gold medal in 1976. Caitlyn had three marriages that failed miserably due to her unhappiness with herself. She even tried to talk to her second wife about her gender confusion, but Linda wanted nothing to do with it. By the time that Caitlyn started dating Kris Jenner, she started the relationship out by telling Kris that she had been taking hormone pills for the past four and a half years. However, Kris denies this and has even written a book suggesting that Bruce married her without telling her what was really going on. But the two made a good team, and they raised their children. The beloved stars of “keeping up with the Kardashians” together. It was a bit shocking for the kardashian-jenner clan to have their dad transition to a woman, but they’ve all been super supportive Caitlyn’s journey. Caitlyn had everything to lose when she decided to transition publicy, but she still bravely decided to do it when she was 65 years old. She is living proof that it’s never too late to be the person that you truly want to be.
We all have the right to live as we want, never care too much on what other people talk and think about.

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