List of the Best Transsexual Dating Services

The online platform is flooding with so many different online dating services. The websites are for all type of dating category like straight, gay, lesbian as well as transsexual also. The web presence of these sites makes it easier to find a transgender person to date with. It is advised to join those dating site that has a transsexual service.

Why online dating sites:

The online dating sites are the perfect choice for the romance & sex wanting single person whether a straight, gay, lesbian or a transsexual. These sites are the only answer for how to meet Trans women like a social gathering where one can find a large number of transsexuals in one place. If any person is serious and really want to date than the transgender are a good choice because they are very easy to pick up.

Sometimes a practical picking up of transsexual is not possible from the places like bar, restaurant, and red light areas. In those cases, the online dating sites are offering excellent services to meet & date the transsexuals online. Anyone can hook up with the transsexual through this online website talk with them, know each other and create a relationship before meeting physically.

Here are the few online dating websites which can be visited by the dating seekers for different category partners.

1.    TS

This is an online dating website is an excellent place for the singles who want to date with a transgender partner. The website has a large number of transgender members and a heaven for the entire transsexual lover. The website is very user-friendly and nice interface to operate.


It is a very popular transsexual dating website and a good place for hook up with transsexual persons. To build an account and take the membership of this website need a free registration process. After registration, the user can log in and find the desire transsexual mate by searching with appropriate keywords.

3.    Alt. com is a good place for the super exciting sexual pleasure with the transsexual. It is an online sex community and full of nudity and sexually exciting images. All the members of this site are a lover of the fetish sexual experiences. This website also has the transsexual and transgender fetish & kinky sexual person.


This is also a very excellent dating site for the transsexual lover. The site is flooding with the transgender and cross dresser ready to date with the new members. The site is similar facilities as like the previously describe TS as both dating sites are built by the same company and a good place to meet local Crossdresser.


This is another trans dating place available online with a large number of transsexual singles in one place. The registration is free as like other site and the services are very exciting as regarding doing date, romance & sex with the transsexuals.

All these websites are very excellent in case of online dating opportunity. The expert says that a special gift at the time of the first physical meeting will create a great sense of romance in between them. At the time of physical meeting, the transsexual girls like the qualities described earlier in the online chat and chances of higher mating rate. 

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Some transgender people you should know

1. Erika Ervin
Super model Erika Ervin wasn’t always known as Erika. She was originally called William before she transitioned back in 2004. With an astonishing height of 6’8″, she is the tallest female model in the world. When Erika was thinking about telling the public about her transition, actor Bill Skaragard told her that she should start by talking about it in Sweden. The Swedish people are super accepting transgender people, and they would help her feel comfortable about telling her story. Erika is also an actress, and she played the role of amazon eve on “American Horror Story: Freak Show.” Since they were looking for a man to play a woman, she decided to audition for the part dressed as a man. It was only after she was giving the part that she told them that she is a transgender. On set, Erika was co-stars with the smallest woman in the world, who stands at only 2’1″. It’s funny to see these two opposites together, but it’s even more inspiring that they get to show the world that they’re different and proud. Erika’s height used to make her feel like a monster. But she’s learned to accept herself for who she is. Sadly, her family was not accepting of her when she transitioned, and she lost contact with them all during that tough period. But Erika doesn’t let that get in the way of her happiness.
2. Caitlyn Jenner
Bruce Jenner’s transition to Caitlyn Jenner was probably one of the most high-profile transitions ever documented. When Caitlyn was a young boy, she was fascinated by the clothes that belonged to her older sister and mom. She was very confused about what she was feeling inside and didn’t know how to deal with it. So she threw herself into athletics and even won an Olympic gold medal in 1976. Caitlyn had three marriages that failed miserably due to her unhappiness with herself. She even tried to talk to her second wife about her gender confusion, but Linda wanted nothing to do with it. By the time that Caitlyn started dating Kris Jenner, she started the relationship out by telling Kris that she had been taking hormone pills for the past four and a half years. However, Kris denies this and has even written a book suggesting that Bruce married her without telling her what was really going on. But the two made a good team, and they raised their children. The beloved stars of “keeping up with the Kardashians” together. It was a bit shocking for the kardashian-jenner clan to have their dad transition to a woman, but they’ve all been super supportive Caitlyn’s journey. Caitlyn had everything to lose when she decided to transition publicy, but she still bravely decided to do it when she was 65 years old. She is living proof that it’s never too late to be the person that you truly want to be.
We all have the right to live as we want, never care too much on what other people talk and think about.

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How To Win Hearts Of A Transgender Woman

Relationships in the modern world have become more complicated than it used to be. Keeping the bond stronger for lifetime is no less than a challenge. People lack tolerance and refuse to compromise. So ultimately the onus of saving one’s relationship is up to no one but ourselves. When it comes to dating however, people have become more open and less hesitant about their choices.

There was a time when transgenders were looked upon as inferior and neglected. The very notion does not stand right in the present era. Men are aware of choices, sexuality, physical anatomy and emotional mindset of transexuals and trans women. They now look up to dating a trans woman unhesitatingly. This is one of the reasons why dating transwomen sites are getting popular. Approaching a transwoman might not be as easy as it seems. Here are some of the ways of approaching a trans woman:

Treat her like a ‘girl’

It is not always that women could be wooed by financial motives. Trans women are women too. All a woman wants is respect, even more than attention. What bothers a trans woman most is the sense of insecurity. She is afraid of adverse remarks of the society. To make your trans dating successful learn to respect your girl disregarding the fact that she is a transgender. Keep no doubts and treat her like you would treat any other girl.

Give her genuine compliments

Like told earlier a trans woman is a woman too, no less or more. She has got the feelings, interests of that of a woman. And so is why trans hookup is not a big deal. A woman is wooed by constant flattery. Giving genuine compliments to your trans woman would help a lot. Make her blush. Make her happy with series of compliments. But make sure not to go overboard as she might misunderstand your motives. Keep genuinity in your words. Always make sure to make the right choice of words.

Try finding some shared interests and make the best use of it

A common way to get a girl’s attention is capitalizing over mutual interests. Know her interests over transdating apps, transdating site or whatever trans hookup app you are looking her on. Be smart in knowing her interests and hobbies and prove her that you have interest in that as well. Involve yourself in her life as much as she allows you.

Talk more to her – sort your trust issues out

One big obstacle in a relationship is hesitation. Especially in ts hookup. The best way is to ask your issues out whenever you get a good chance. Only communication is the solution to a problem.

Tell her he does not care of the society

What obstructs a trans woman from dating is the opinion of the society. Gain her confidence and make her believe that he does not care of what the society thinks of her or their relationship.

Try fetishes like crossdressing- they might like it

Some trans women like uncommon fetishes. Crossdressing men is one of them. Try that if you are comfortable in it.

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Ten tips before dating a transgender woman

Dating with transgender women can be challenging, someone may even don’t know how to deal with transgender women. Transsexual, transvestite and transgender aren’t unheard of for us, they need to be recognized as normal people. In order to help transgender people to have a successful date, here are ten tips before dating a transgender woman.

1. Never ask too much
Christine Jorgenson was a veteran of World War II, but his most famous title is that she is the first trans woman. As transgender women, we don’t like to talk about our gender, genital reconstruction surgery and some personal topics, it’s so boring. Especially on the first date, it’s impolite to discuss a woman’s vag. Talk about the right topic at the right time.

2. Google everything you want to know
Don’t regard your date as a dictionary, google everything you want to know before dating. If you keep asking something about trans during the date, that is an indicator of dating failure. No one wants to have a heavy discussion on a date. As there are many tools for knowledge, you can search any questions here.

3. Don’t watch sex online
The employment situation for trans women is grim now. 57% of trans women are being decriminalized in their job. Research shows that trans women are most likely to choose sex trade. Sex movie and site are very popular among straight men, but you should remember adult sex movie is unrealistic.

4. No betrayal and no insult
It’s rude to say “I cannot believe you were a man, you look like a woman now.” Like the author of Redefining Realness, Janet Mock said:” I am a woman. I live my life as a woman and that’s how I should be perceived. I’m not passing as anything — I’m being. Being myself.”

5. Not only date straight men
Transgender women who were attracted to women before transitioning are still attracted to women. In fact, 40% to 60% of transgender women are bisexual or lesbian, so you can chose to date with whoever you want.

6. Gender and sexuality are different from each other
Dating with transgender women doesn’t mean you are a gay or bisexual, gender and sexuality are different from each other, and many people don’t know the difference between them. Transgender women are women also, if you are attractive to transgender women, you are also attractive to women.

7. Transgender women are normal
They are not a secret society, they are normal as everyone. Transgender women are often misunderstood by other people, and dating with transgender woman even seems unacceptable. Transgender women are normal women and they need a safe and peaceful space to have a normal life.

8. Respect transgender women
Don’t ask inappropriate questions like Do you have a vagina? Do you use tampons? When did you begin to feel your breasts budding? Trans women are often asked these types of questions. You should respect to transgender women and treat them as normal women.

9. No violence and abuse
Transgender women run the high risks of domestic violence. I’ve been a witness of so many violence and abuse. Although they are vulnerable groups, and they are women of great dignity. You are not the only choice of them.

10. Just want to have fun
Like many girls, transgender woman just want to meet someone interesting and have a happy life.

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How can you attract transgender women?

1. Personality:
As we all know, personality plays an important role in every relationships, and it’s both the beginning and the ending of a relationship. Like all women, transgender women know that nobody is perfect in the world, and they think very high of men’s personality like follows:

A good sense of humor
As transgender women like a man with a good sense of humor, humorous men are more likely to attract transgender women. After all, everyone likes to stay with someone that makes them happy. A good sense of humor doesn’t mean you need to act as a comedian, you just need to make some jokes or relax the atmosphere. We cannot deny that the sense of humor is the advantage for men to attract transgender women. Not just for transgender women, humorous men are attractive for all women, because they are confident and interesting. staying with humorous men is always ease and comfortable.

Enthusiasm for life
Live with passion. Transgender women like men who are positive and passionate. Enthusiasm not only for your present life but for your future, your career and every relationships. You’d better express your self-knowledge, your target and your idea clearly to them. These kinds of independent, passionate and positive men can really attract transgender women.

Be confident
Being confident is important for both women and men, and confidence is another important feature to attract transgender women. Confident men are considered capable to provide their partners with a great life and girls may become confident too under their influence. You can gain confidence by your own way, according to your own conditions.

2. Characteristics:

Your characteristic can be one of the key factors to attract transgender women. ‘one man’s meat is another man’s poison’, we cannot tell you the needs if every women, but the following three are the requisite characteristics of all men:

Sincerity and honesty
Sincerity and honesty are the best part of being human. Whatever you decide to do, you should always remember sincerity and honesty. For transgender women, deception not only means a bad first impression, but disrespect for them.
Honesty is the most important characteristic for transgender women, since they are often cheated by men. Trans women are lack of security in love, so they want to feel safe, they want to feel loved.

Sense of responsibility
Being responsible for what you said and what you did. For most of men, the sense of responsibility is the most important
characteristic of men. You should not just talk the talk, but also walk the walk. Make promisses sparingly and keep them faithfully, it means don’t make promisses that you aren’t likely to keep when you have a change of heart.

Firm beliefs
You’d better not change your beliefs easily, because transgender women like men with firm beliefs, and they are more worthy of being trusted. This is the most effective way to attract transgender women. Try to find a way to show your responsibility and sincerity to someone you like. No matter what your beliefs are, stick to it and be trustworthy and dependable man.

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